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  • Leo J. Deveau

  • William Breckenbridge

    Vice Chair
  • Chris Marriott

    Past Chair
  • B. William Piercey, QC

    Director, Corporate Secretary
  • Cheryl Howley

    Director, Secretary
  • David C. Gough

    Director, Partnerships and Outreach
  • Sarah Gough

    Director, Treasurer
  • Leonard W. Canfield, CD

    Honourary Director
  • Capt (N) J. Bryan Elson, OMM, CD (Ret'd)

    Honourary Director
  • Tom Tulloch, MSM CD Capt RCN (Ret'd)

    Honourary Director
  • Col. (A) John Boileau, CM (Ret’d)

    Honourary Director


The Halifax Military Heritage Preservation Society is committed to safeguarding the personal information (including a member’s name, contact information, age, military affiliation, if any, and educational background, etc.) entrusted to the Society by our members in accordance with privacy issues and PIPEDA and/or provincial legislation and any applicable laws and regulations.